Day Trips from Addis Ababa

Day Trips from Addis Ababa
Addis Ababa
Various 1-day trips from Addis Ababa

Debre Libanos Monastery
Drive north from Addis Ababa (about 100km) to the Debre Libanos
Monastery. This monastery was founded in the 13th century by St.
Tekle Haimanot, who, according to legend, prayed for 7 years straight
standing on one leg until the other leg fell off. Nearby the
monastery is the Portuguese bridge, which was the first bridge in
Ethiopia. Around this area, you will hopefully see some endemic
gelada baboons. Short hikes are available in the area, with stunning
views of the Jemma Valley. Return to Addis Ababa, late afternoon.
Lake Ziway*
Early morning, depart south from Addis Ababa to Lake Ziway, one of the
chain of lakes found in the Great Rift Valley. Here you will take a
boat trip on Lake Ziway to the island of Tullo Gudo. The island hosts
the church of Maryam Tsion which, according to tradition, once housed
the Ark of the Covenant to hide it from invaders. After the visit,
return to shore, enjoying the bountiful birdlife on this lake and
possibly some hippos. Return to Addis Ababa late afternoon.
Archeological sites of Tiya, Adadi Maryam and Melka Kunture
After breakfast, depart south from Addis Ababa to visit these
archeological sites of interest. Tiya is an ancient stellae field,
with anthropomorphic statues marking burial grounds. Tiya is a UNESCO
World Heritage Site. Adadi Maryam is a rock-hewn church, similar to
those in Lalibela. Melka Kunture is a pre-historic tool-making site.
Return to Addis Ababa late afternoon.
Lake Wenchi*
Early morning departure west from Addis Ababa to Lake Wenchi, a crater
lake in a stunning location. There are many options for activities in
the area including hiking, horseback riding or a boat trip to the
island monastery of Kirkos and the hot spring valley. After the
visit, return to Addis Ababa.
Debre Zeit
Depart from Addis for a short drive to Debre Zeit, home to several
crater lakes and a popular weekend getaway spot for Addis Ababa
residents. You can spend the day visiting the lakes or doing some
light hiking (circling Lake Hora takes 1 ½ hours). The area is very
popular for birdwatching. There are several lake-side establishments
for lunch and even a spa. Return to Addis Ababa, late afternoon.
Mt. Zuqualla
Very near to Debre Zeit is Mt. Zuqualla, an extinct volcano that
offers beautiful views of the surrounding areas. Here you can visit
the monastery of Mt. Zuqualla Maryam, which may date back as far as
the 4th century. The nearby crater-lake is considered holy by the
monks of the monastery. Time permitting, you may stop for a rest in
Debre Zeit before returning to Addis Ababa in the afternoon.
Menagesha National Forest
Departing west from Addis Ababa, drive to the Menagesha National
Forest for some hiking. Here you will enjoy the wildlife, such as the
colobus monkeys and endemic Menelik’s bushbuck, as well as birds,
including the endemic Ethiopian oriole and Abyssinian woodpecker. You
can also stop at the Gefersa Reservoir, which supplies water to Addis
Ababa, and is a nice birdwatching and wildlife spot. Return to Addis
Ababa in the afternoon.

*An asterisk denotes a community-based tourism initiative. By
visiting these sites, you are directly supporting the local community.

Itinerary Information
1 day

4-Day Simien Mountains Trek

This 4-day trek in the Simien Mountains takes you to the highlights of
the Simien Mountains National Park.

Day 1
Depart early in the morning from Gondar (7am at the latest), driving
to Sankober. We will stop along the way to handle park fees, etc. If
you like, we can drop you in or around Buyit Ras for a 3-4 hour hike
to Sankober, which passes close to the escarpment edge. Nearing
Sankober, you will have beautiful views on both sides of the
escarpment ridge and where you will likely see the endemic Gelada
baboons. In Sankober, you will be met with your supplies. Overnight
camping in Sankober.
Day 2
From Sankober, depart into a valley, through which the Wazla (or Koba)
River runs. (This river is often dry). Coming out of the valley you
will have views of the Jinbar River waterfalls falling into the Geech
Abyss. Continuing along, you will cross the Jinbar River and ascend
into the village of Geech. Total trekking time: 4-5 hours
Day 3
After an early breakfast, depart from Geech to the peak of Imet Gogo
at 3926m. Here you’ll have spectacular views over the lowlands – one
of the highlights of the trip. As you continue to Chenek, you will
pass Korbete Metia, a solid rock wall which opens up exposing
beautiful views over the lowlands and the escarpment. This is also a
good place for spotting lammergeiers. Overnight camping in Chenek.
Total trekking time: 7 – 9 hours
Day 4
From Chenek, continue east up a valley to Bwahit Peak, overlooking the
camp from where you just came. After the visit, return to Gondar for

Itinerary Information
4 days

3 Days East by Air Eastern  part of Ethiopia

Visit Harar, Babile, the Valley of Marvels & Dire Dawa in 3 days.
Day 1
Early morning, transfer to airport for flight to Dire Dawa. In Dire
Dawa, you will be met at the airport and will transfer to Harar. From
Harar, take a drive to Babile and the Valley of Marvels. The Valley
of Marvels has wonderful landscapes, famous for its balancing rock
formations. Additionally, the town of Babile has a very large market
on Saturdays and a camel market on Mondays and Thursdays. After the
visit, time permitting you may visit Koremi, a village made of stone
houses set on top of a plateau. wards, return to Harar for overnight
at (hotel or guesthouse).

Day 2
Today is a full day discovering the treasures hidden in the narrow
alleyways of the walled city of Harar, with its colorful markets,
countless mosques and shrines and unique Harari people and homes.
Sites to visit include: the House of Rimbaud, Ras Tafari’s House, Ras
Mekonnen’s Palace, the Harari National Cultural Center, and the tomb
of Emir Nur, who built the famous Jugol, as the wall is known locally.
At night you will visit the hyena man, who feeds the hyenas every
night just outside the walls of the city. This tradition was started
long ago to prevent these wild hyenas from hunting for food in the
town. Guests are welcome, and encouraged, to feed the hyenas
themselves. Overnight in Harar (hotel or guesthosue).

Day 3
In the morning, visit the last places of interest in Harar. After
lunch, depart to Dire Dawa. You will have a brief visit to the lively
market at Kefira before transferring to the airport for return flight
to Addis Ababa.

4 Days Tour to Rock churches of Tigray

Early morning transfer to the airport to fly Axum, upon arrival meet
with SET staff transfer to your hotel, after check in to the hotel and
breakfast start exploring Axum, a place where the cradle of Ethiopian
culture Christianity and the first capital of Ethiopia until the
9thcentury A.D., On this day you will visit the small but rich
archaeological museum, the famous stele park, where the magnificent
single block of stones erected since 3rd century, the Saint Mary of
Zion Cathedral, where the original Holy Ark of the Covenant is still
sheltered, however except one guardian (priest) no one is allowed to
enter in to the sanctuary where the ark is stayed, lunch break then
continue visit which includes the subterranean tomb of king Kalbe and
his son king Gebremeskel, 6th Century AD, the trilingual inscription
of king Ezana and the ruin palace and bath of Queen of Sheba who was
the mother of king Menilik I of the 950 B.C, late afternoon excursion
to a monastery on top of a mountain called ABUNE PENTELION then you
will have free time to walk around in the town, overnight hotel.
DAY 2- drive Axum- GERALTA- ON THE WAY- rock churches of Tigray
Morning after breakfast excursion to YEHA 6-5th Century BC MOON
Temple, the temple is believed to be the oldest standing building in
the country probably in sub- Sahara then head to the TEKA TESFA
CLUSTER rock churches of Tigray to explore Medhanialem Adikesho for
the amazing location and interior wall painting after lunch break
continue exploring Petros Powlos and depending on time Mekalle
Mahizenge after that drive to Hawzen late afternoon arrival to
Geralta, overnight Lodge.
Morning after breakfast head to the Geralta cluster to visit the rock
churches of Tigray dated back from the 6-9th century established by
the nine saints who came from Syria during the time of Kaleb and
Gebremeskel kings of the Axum dynasty, the rock churches are carve on
the top of mountain façade today you will visit the rock churches
namely Mariam Korkur in the morning and afternoon ABUNE YEMATA , the
most difficult to ascend but worth to see the surrounding mountains
from the top of the cliff, overnight Geralta Lodge.
Morning after breakfast explore more rock churches in the Geralta
cluster which are easily accessible including Dugume Selase, Abrehawe
Atsbha and finally to Wekro Cherkos and drive to Mekelle, arrival
lunch break and transfer to the airport to fly back to Addis Ababa
upon arrival arrival Ethiopian traditional restaurant for farewell
cultural dinner with Ethiopian tribal live music with dance
performance then transfer to airport for your departure.

6 days Bale Mountains

Day 1.
Addis Ababa – Dinsho
After an early morning breakfast in Addis Ababa, we will drive to Bale
Mountain National Park.
On the way, we will have a coffee break in Ziway and Shashemene.
Between Shashemene and Dinsho (Park H.Q), we will drive through the
southeast highlands of Ethiopia. Upon arrival, we will stop for a rest
break and lunch in Dinsho Lodge. Afterwards, our hike will take us
through park H.Q. where we’ll get a chance to spot and see some
endemic/endangered animals, such as: Menilik’s Buchbuck, Mountain
Nyala, Warthog, Reedbuck, Gerry Duikers and Baboons. Also endangered
birds such as: Black-headed siskin, Wattled Ibis, and Abyssinian Long
claw which all will be found in Park H.Q.
We will stay overnight at Dinsho Lodge, situated at an altitude of
3000m above sea level.

Day 2.
Dinsho – Sodota campsite
Morning: After breakfast around 8:00, our hike between Dinsho an Sodoa
will begin which is about 18k/m and 6hrs long.
On the way, you will enjoy the spectacular scenery of Bale Mountain
and during the rainy season, Fincha Habera Waterfall. We will catch
the endemic Ethiopian Wolf (Key Qebero),
and the high-altitude endemic birds such as: Blue Winged Goose. This
will surely leave you excited and in awe of the actual wilderness of
Bale mountain.
After arrival at the campsite, you will have have nice lunch break
We will stay overnight at the Sodota campsite that sits at an altitude
of 3400m above sea level.

Day 3.
Sodota – Keyrensa campsite
After an early morning breakfast, at around 8:30, we will begin our 6
hour hike to the campsite of Kerensa.
On this trek to Keyrensa, you will pass through breathtaking gorges
and valleys and the extraordinary viewpoint of The Wasama Valley.
After arrival, you will have lunch and a long break.
We will stay overnight at Keyrensa campsite, with another amazing
landscape at an altitude of 4000m above sea level.

Day 4.
‘Keyrensa – Rafu Campsite
The hike to the Rafu campsite will take about 6hrs-7hrs, and will
reach an altitude to about around 4100m above sea level.
On the way to the Rafu campsite, we will have an interesting stop at a
special viewpoint for photography, bird Watching, and our next long
break. This hike will be a bit more
challenging with the high altitude and difficulty level, but you will
enjoy an unforgettable trekking experience on Bale Mountain.
We will probably arrive late in the afternoon at the Rafu campsite.
There, lunch will be served and we will have an opportunity to relax.
We will stay overnight at the Rafu Campsite.

Day 5.
Rafu – Humburi campsite
After an early morning breakfast around 8:00, we will start your hike
to Sanetti Plateu Humburi campsite. On our way there, we will
experience very cold winds
blowing from the extensive Sanetti Plateau. And because of the
particular area with its cloudy weather, we may have difficulty in
seeing the scenery clearly.
On this day, we will be able to spot the rare Ethiopian wolf once
more, along with high altitude birds and shrubs. We will stay
overnight at the Humbrui campsite.

Day 6.
Humburi campsite – Tullu Dimtu
The trek to the summit Tullu Dimtu (the 2nd highest pont in Ethiopia
at an altitude of 4377m above sea level) will go through Sanetti
Here is where we will celebrate the victory of reaching our final
destination after an arduous, beautiful and satisfying trek.
Enjoy your accomplishment with pride on the top. You are able to
complete the challenging trek which hasn’t been accomplished by many.
Overlooking the valley from the peak gives a
wonderful reward. And here you will end your amazing Bale Mountain
trekking tour.

A four by four car will be arranged to pick you up from Tullu Dimtu,
for your drive to Addis Ababa

The Rock Churches of Lalibela – 3 Day Tour

Itinerary Overview
Day 1: Addis Ababa / Lalibela
Rise early and take the morning flight to Lalibela in the north of
Ethiopia. Lalibela is famous for it’s incredible monolithic rock-cut
churches and one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities.
On route from Lalibela airport to the hotel, stop of to visit Nakute
Leab Church.
After check in and some lunch, take a hike to see the Asheton Maryam Monastery.
Nakute Leab Church
In 1270 the king of the dynasty Naakute Laab Zagwe of Lalibela, on the
advice of the influential monk (later saint)Tekle Haimanot , Emperor
abdicated in favor of Yekuno Amlak belonging to the Solomonic dynasty.
The church located in the cave where Naakute Laab led a hermit’s life,
is a lovely place in a spectacular location. The church has one of the
most interesting collections of ancient crosses, illuminated
manuscripts and icons, some of which are attributed to its founder
Naakute Laab.
Asheton Maryam Monastery
The Asheton Maryam monastery is located high above Lalibela on Mount
Abuna Yosef at an altitude of nearly 4,000 metres. The view from the
top is breathtaking and gives you a panoramic view of Lalibela and the
surrounding region. The semi-monolithic church was carved out of a
vertical cliff face and the surface quality of the rock is much
rougher than in most other churches of Lalibela.
Meals Included on this Day
Lunch & Dinner
Plane & Private Vechicle
Addis Ababa – Lalibela
1h – 2h
Quick internal flight followed by a transfer in the comfort of a
private vechicle.

Day 2: Lalibela
On our second day in Lalibela, take a walking tour around the town to
visit all the rock-hewn churches. In the morning, visit 6 churches;
then take a break for lunch. In the afternoon, continue visiting the
remaining churches.
Lalibela’s Rock-Hewn Churches
Lalibela’s Rock-Hewn Churches have to be seen to be believed. In total
there are 11 cave churches, some of which date back to the
13th-century, and the most famous and iconic church being St. Georges.
Meals Included on this Day
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Day 3: Depart
Check out of the hotel at 7am and transfer to the airport. The
transfer takes around 1 hour. Get the mid-morning flight direct to
Addis Ababa with a view to being back in the capital by midday.
Meals Included on this Day
Lalibela – Addis Ababa
1h – 2h
Save some time with a short internal flight in Ethiopia! Cover a large
distance in a short time.