Discover and experience my beautiful country with me!

My name is Habtamu Teferie. I am a qualified and licensed tour and trekking guide, specialized in organizing and guiding tours for individuals and small groups. It is my passion to explore remote mountain villages and encounter my country’s unique peoples, lifestyles and cultures.

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Habtamu Teferie
The founder of Scenic Ethiopia Tours

Adventure Activities

The adventure activities and tours in Ethiopia are primarily made of the Dallol Depression which is one of the hottest places of our planet, mountainous places where one can trek in Ethiopia's popular and magnificent mountains, and national parks are known for their endemic wildlife, flora and fauna

Why would you go to Ethiopia?

There are a few big reasons Ethiopia needs to be on your hit list… Ethiopia's highlight reel is perhaps the most extensive of any African country, from the incredibly diverse tribes of the Omo Valley and the ancient coffee ceremony to magnificent rock-hewn churches and the Queen of Sheba's legacy.

Travel with Ethiopian local experts!

If you want to visit the real Ethiopia you are at the right place. Scenic Ethiopia Tours is your perfect partner for all your travel needs in Ethiopia. We are the local tour operator based in Addis Ababa. No matter your interest, time frame or budget, we are specialists to tailor-make an a al cart private holiday package to suit your needs and wishes with personal attention and care.

What is Ethiopia famous for?

Ethiopia is famous for having the most unparalleled riches and historical legacy in Sub-Saharan Africa. Referring to the classic historic travel circuit followed to the south and east, one commonly visits 5 key destinations: Axum, Lalibela, Gondar, Bahir Dar and Harar.