Simien Mountains Trek

Pinnacles and flat topped mountains, “the chess pieces of the Gods” as one writer described them, tower over precipitous gorges, river valleys and plains stretching all the way to Eritrea. There are many peaks over 4000 meters, and Ras Dejen at 4620 meters in the highest in the country and the fourth highest in Africa.


This extensive trek explores in depth one of Africans largest mountain ranges, studded with at least a dozen peaks over the 4,000m mark. These include Ras Dejen the highest point in Ethiopia, and the 4th highest peak in Africa. The area was designated a national park in 1966, and the entire range a UNESCO world heritage site in 1978.

THE TREK Trek through the Simien Mountains, following an extensive network of trails. The quality of these trails, along with the fantastic scenery, unique flora, diverse wildlife and rich bird life make this a rewarding and challenging trek. It is a paradise for natural history enthusiasts as well as for trekkers.


Day 1

Depart early in the morning from Gondar (7am at the latest), driving to Sankober. We will stop along the way to handle park fees, etc. If you like, we can drop you in or around Buyit Ras for a 3-4 hour hike to Sankober, which passes close to the escarpment edge. Nearing
Sankober, you will have beautiful views on both sides of the escarpment ridge and where you will likely see the endemic Gelada baboons. In Sankober, you will be met with your supplies. Overnight camping in Sankober

Day 2

From Sankober, depart into a valley, through which the Wazla (or Koba)
River runs. (This river is often dry). Coming out of the valley you
will have views of the Jinbar River waterfalls falling into the Geech
Abyss. Continuing along, you will cross the Jinbar River and ascend
into the village of Geech. Total trekking time: 4-5 hours
Overnight: camping Geech

Day 3

after an early breakfast, depart from Geech to the peak of Imet Gogo at 3926m. Here you’ll have spectacular views over the lowlands – one of the highlights of the trip.
As you continue to Chenek, you will pass Korbete Metia, a solid rock wall which opens up exposing
beautiful views over the lowlands and the escarpment. This is also a
good place for spotting lammergeyer’s.
Total trekking time: 7 – 9 hours
Overnight: camping in Chenek.

Day 4

From Chenek, continue east up a valley to Bwahit Peak, overlooking the
camp from where you just came. After the visit, return to Gondar for

Price Includes:

  • 1. Transportation in and out
  • Food and Mineral water
  • 2. Cook (a person in charge of preparing
  • fresh food every day)
  • 3. Guide (English speaking)
  • 4. Park ranger which is compulsory
  • Park entrance fees
  • 5. Camping equipment such as Tent,
  • 6. Mattress and Sleeping bags.
  • 7. Mule and muleteers for loading and
  • unloading stuff and luggage

Price doesn't Include:

  • 1. International air/flight tickets,
  • 2. Alcohol beverages,
  • 3. Tourist Insurance,
  • 4. Video filming and photography fees,
  • 5. Tips and items of personal nature like
  • laundry, souvenirs, etc
  • 6. All expense that are not mentioned in
  • the included part

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Simien Mountains Trek